Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a missing iPhone and a lacy mani.

So I haven't got my iPhone at the moment.

Don't worry it's not lost  it's just not currently in my possession. 
I'm pretty sure I just left it at MyLove's house...
which is all the way across town...

and I'm too lazy...
so, instead of driving all the way across town
I decided to stay at home and 
paint my nails! 

check out my new (experimental) manicure

I used Revlon Endlesss Possibilities as the base colour (Three coats - because I  didn't want it sheer) and then white konad lace design along the top. 
The nails look different because I couldn't decided which way I wanted to stamp the lace pattern, I think next time I might only use half the design - Under a white French tip.

What do you think?

P.s. I totally had to use my webcam to take this photo (not the usual iPhone.) so sorry if the quality is not as great. 


  1. I think it looks awesome! Is the print those sticker things or what? I'd love to give this a go! :)
    P.S. The image quality is great for a webcam pic!

    1. Thanks Jumping Bean! and Konad is like a nail polish stamp. I did a post about it a while ago - and there is a video about it under my useful links :) pretty much you put some nail polish on a stencil and then use a special stamp to transfer the design to your nail.
      and yay! I finally have my phone back :)